Perbandingan Criminal Monstrosity dalam Red Dragon Karya Thomas Harris dan Hannibal Serial Televisi NBC

Fitria Zahrina Putri(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


This study aims to reveal how differences in criminal monstrosity are portrayed in Red Dragon novel (1981), with the adaptation of his television series titled Hannibal (2013). The problem discussed is the blurred norms as the form of criminal monstrosity development in Hannibal. The theory used is the criminal monstrosity developed by Alexa Wright (2013). This research uses analytical descriptive method. Data from novels and television series are described and compared to get the grand concept of criminal monstrosity. The results showed that the blurred norms in Hannibal can be seen through normalization of cannibalism by using culinary aesthetic,  the role of Will Graham from FBI to Hannibal’s crime partner, and  a more intimate relationship between Will and Hannibal. These blurred norms created a new monstrosity narrative: a monstrous criminal nature behind a person who looks normal and able to function properly in society.


adaptation; cannibalism; criminal monstrosity; Hannibal

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